Prof. David A. Weitz
时间:2018-01-12 10:00
This talk will discuss the use of microfluidic devices to precisely control the flow and mixing of fluids to make drops, and will explore a variety of uses of these drops. These drops can be used to create new materials that are difficult to synthesize with any other method. These materials have great potential for use for encapsulation and release. I will also show how the exquisite control afforded by microfluidic devices provides enabling technology to use droplets as microreactors to perform reactions at remarkably high rates using very small quantities of fluids.
David A. Weitz教授是美国哈佛大学工程与应用科学学院的著名教授,是美国科学院院士、美国工程院院士和美国艺术与科学学院院士。Weitz教授是国际上软湿功能材料、胶体微粒系统、生物物理、生物材料、微流控、单细胞检测等研究领域的知名专家,学术造诣颇深,具有很高的学术地位和非常大的国际学术影响力。迄今,Weitz教授已发表高水平学术期刊论文超过500篇,其中包括Science、Nature、Cell、Nature Biotechnology等国际顶级期刊论文30篇左右,引用超过58000次,h-index为129,应邀在世界各地做过500多次学术报告。已授权专利超过60项,并先后创立了12个高新技术公司。