Ping Ao
时间:2019-11-28 14:30
Let me start with geometric phases. In solids and in quantum fluids dynamics of topological defects determines an important part of physics properties. Nevertheless, such dynamical behaviors in many situations are a bit counter intuitive. One essential feature is their connection to nonequilibrium processes without detailed balance. A few examples will be discussed, along with an introduction to progresses in theory of nonequilibrium processes. With such considerations approaches will be discussed, too, on how to achieve 100% fidelity in a finite time in a quantum process.
Dr. Ping Ao graduated from Peking University then went to USA for graduate study via TD Lee’s scholarship program (CUSPEA). Currently he is a Changjiang Chair Professor at Shanghai University. Supervised by AJ Leggett he worked on macroscopic quantum phenomena and on quantum measurement problem and obtained his PhD in physics from University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. During postdoc period he worked with DJ Thouless on the dynamics of topological defects. For the simple type, he and Thouless clarified theoretical inconsistencies in vortex dynamics and were able to establish the corresponding equation of motion from microscopic theories. It was successfully applied to explain the outstanding puzzle of Hall anomaly in type superconductors. After working in cold atom systems in late 1990’s, he moved into biological and medical research in 1999. Together with LE Hood and others he proposed and has been working on a new approach to cancer genesis and progression, by borrowing concepts from condensed matter physics and materials sciences—cancer as a many-body physics phenomenon. His team has also been developing computational tools for large and whole organism level metabolic network dynamics. During his biological study he discovered a new approach to stochastic processes which turns out to be very powerful in nonequilibrium processes.