Etienne Brasselet
University of Bordeaux
时间:2019-11-28 14:00
Optical systems enabling the control of the orbital angular momentum of light found many uses in photonics research and future emerging technologies. It happens that the natural self-organization of liquid crystals into various kinds of topological defects suits well for this task. This represents an interesting self-engineering route towards the realization of advanced photonic devices, which will be reviewed through several examples across length scales ranging from the microscopic to the macrsocopic world. In particular, we will discuss how such a Nature-assisted approach to advanced topological shaping of light has a tremendous potential to open-up novel applications.
Etienne Brasselet is CNRS Research Director at University of Bordeaux, France. In 2001, he obtained PhD in physics jointly from Laval University, Québec City, Canada and from University Paris-Sud, France.He presently leads the group SINGULAR ( whose research activities focus on light-matter interaction, especially when structured light meets structured matter. Singular optics and liquid crystals topological defects hold a special place in the investigated topics that cover nonlinear phenomena, soft matter physics, wave physics (optics and acoustics) and mechanical effects of light and sound.